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Finding Loving Homes For The Cats In Our Care


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions ?  We have a few answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, Where does Cats in the Cradle obtain their cats?
  2. Question 2, Does Cats in the Cradle have a physical shelter?
  3. Question 3, Is there a fee to adopt a cat from Cats in the Cradle?
  4. Question 4, Does Cats in the Cradle Rescue spay n neuter all cats before adoption?
  5. Question 5, I no longer want my cat. Can I leave the cat at Petco?
  6. Question 6, Can I pay the cat adoption fee with credit card?

Answer 1:

Cats in the Cradle Rescue secures cats from from neighborhood streets across Queens.  We also assume responsibility take from the Animal Control & Care Centers as well as the  Brooklyn city kill shelters.  If we have available space we can also take owner surrenders.

Answer 2:

No. Cats in the Cradle Rescue does not have any shelters. However, we have to habitats located at Petco.  In addition, we have the support of a network of foster homes that have graciously opened their homes to provide a safe environment for our cats prior to adopton.

Answer 3:

The fee to adopt a cat from Cats in the Cradle is $100 USD.  This fee covers a standard feral or stray cat exam by a veterinarian, vaccines, rabies shots and microchip tagging of the cat.

Answer 4:

Yes. All cats are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  Also, we allow several weeks of post-op recovery time to ensure that the cats are ready for adoption.

Answer 5:

No.  Prior arrangements must be made with a Cats in the Cradle Rescue representative to coordinate the cat surrender.

Answer 6:

At this time we do not accept credit cards as a method of payment for the cat adoption fee.  Please provide a personal check or cash.